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Student Life

Life in Lefkoşa support campus of the Onbeş Kasım Kıbrıs University is located close to the very central area of Nicosia, which is known as one of the most touristic places on the island.

As the population increases in TRNC, so does the number of students who receive higher education in a multinational environment. Thanks to the provided scholarship opportunities, discount packages and the socio-cultural events, the students’ interest in Cyprus increases gradually.


  • Almost all the departments that exist in modern countries are also present in TRNC.

  • The positive and protective attitude of the universities towards the students and the fact that society sees the students as a part of themselves provide a peaceful environment for the students.

  • Apart from the social events the universities provide, there are also various other social and cultural events occurring in TRNC from time to time, which the students can attend.

  • Along with the cafés and restaurants within the campuses of the universities, the cafés and restaurants in TRNC also draw the students’ attention.

  • The students can benefit from the public transportation services provided by the universities free of charge.

  • If students wish to work and study, they can find part-time jobs. They can have their first part-time job experience in TRNC by working in their own university.