Disabled Student

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Students with special needs require various adjustments throughout the study process and in the study environment because they inevitably encounter obstacles which prevent or impair their full and efficient inclusion and participation in the study process. The definition of a student with special needs, adjustments in the learning environment and the method of implementing the study process, the procedure of obtaining the status of a student with special needs, the rights and responsibilities of students with such status and other related matters are governed by the Student Affairs Office of Onbeş Kasım Kıbrıs University.

The application for obtaining the status of a student with special needs may be submitted by a student of the first, second or third cycle of their study programme on the prescribed forms at the Student Affairs Office of the respective faculty or academy. A student may also submit the application during any study year if a problem occurs during the year or a problem suggests the need for adjustments within a limited time period. The content of the application and special enclosures (evidence) are defined in the Rules.

Students with special needs may obtain information through teacher tutors and student tutors within the tutelage for students with special needs about acquiring such status, the rights and responsibilities of the status, the possibilities of adjustment during the study and adjustment of study material, the method of communication with professors regarding special needs, preparation for exams and arrangement of study obligations and extracurricular activities in the tutorial system. 

A perspective that is only academic-oriented is a barrier to one of the most important achievements of the university which is to assess the opportunity to communicate and socialize with people from different backgrounds and cultures. Being aware of this fact, our university supports social activities aimed at the personal and cultural development of its students by supporting different interests.

Student Affairs Office provide students with special needs with individual career counselling, support in the choice of study and inclusion in the study process, help in the preparation of a career plan, free workshops for obtaining additional skills, visits to working environments, presentations of employers, assistance in transitioning to employment (preparation of written presentation and preparation of innovative presentations to employers) and other activities.