Earthquake training was given by the Nicosia Civil Defense teams at Onbeş Kasım Kıbrıs University.

On Monday, March 13, 2023, at 14.00, a training program was held at Onbeş Kasım Kıbrıs University, by the Civil Defense Organization Nicosia Regional Directorate, to provide security by informing the staff and students of the institution against a possible risk, as the earthquakes experienced in the last days brought up a possible earthquake risk situation in our island. The seminar was held.

45 min. During the ongoing training, what should be done before and after the earthquake was discussed. Civil Defense teams stated that the earthquake was an event that developed suddenly by nature. That's why they always emphasized being prepared.

The things to do before and after the earthquake were explained in detail and a drill was applied to the students of Onbeş Kasım Kıbrıs University.

The exercise was extremely productive and attracted the attention of the students.

OKKU Press Unit