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The language of education is Turkish. 40% of the courses are taught in English. Economics and Finance, Business Administration and International Relations and the EU departments are taught in English, while Political Science and Public Administration Department is taught in Turkish.

The Faculty of Social and Political Sciences was established with an approach which sets goals in line with the vision of becoming a global institution and branding in the international arena of Onbeş Kasım University, focuses on quality and original studies that produce information for the development of the region, as well as its education and research activities.

In Cyprus, which is at the heart of the history of civilizations, the faculty aims to train internationally competitive students in the field of political, economic and commercial research and to conduct research for the development of the region in these fields;

  • Economics and Finance
  • Business Administration
  • International Relations and the EU,
  • Political Science and Public Administration

The education is carried out in English in the departments of Economics and Finance, Business Administration and International Relations and the EU while the education in the department of Political Science and Public Administration is in Turkish.

The Faculty of Political and Social Sciences aims to educate students who are competent to conduct scientific research with universal validity and to continue these researches. The faculty points out to its students the study areas of the departments in a way that will serve the needs of the new century and guide them. In addition, raising individuals who have developed the ability to work interdisciplinary is among the main goals of our faculty. Onbeş Kasım Kıbrıs University is an institution that has adopted the mission of contributing to scientific developments on an international scale, in terms of technology social and economical structure. Our faculty will continue to work in this direction.

Graduates of Business Administration, Economics and Finance, International Relations and the EU, Political Science and Public Administration departments within our faculty will have job opportunities in international organizations and institutions, government institutions, all levels of the academic world and the private sector. With the elective courses they will choose after the main course program, the students will focus on the areas they want to specialize in according to their own expectations and goals. Our mission will be to raise them as self-confident individuals who know how to research and learn, respect themselves and humanity.

Aiming to educate students with a multidimensional and interdisciplinary approach, the Faculty attaches special importance to internationalization. In this framework, the students of the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences will be able to prepare themselves for the business life after graduation with the education program prepared by considering the balance of theory and practice. Our faculty sees it as an important goal to carry out research that produces and applies knowledge that will be effective not only in the academic world but also in the business world, as well as raising individuals who have the competence to make correct and rational decisions, who can work efficiently both individually and in a team, and who have the ability to think analytically.

Graduates of this faculty have the opportunity to work at different levels in the public and private sectors, in the fields of written, visual or social media, in international economic, financial and political institutions, non-governmental organizations, regional institutions and companies.




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