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OKKU Faculty of Education aims to train teachers and academicians who are researchers, professionally equipped, open to cooperation, love to teach, are devoted to their profession, can use educational technologies, can put the theoretical knowledge they have acquired into practice, are open to lifelong learning, can develop themselves, and treat each individual with a tolerance and an objective approach, can approach with a viewpoint, express their thoughts freely, criticize, have scientific thinking skills, are aware of their duties, are responsible and creative-productive.

The Faculty of Education aims to increase the knowledge and the quality of education by doing theoretical and practical research in the field of educational sciences, to produce solutions to educational problems, to train teachers and experts who are suitable for the qualifications specified in the field of educational sciences by conducting a qualified undergraduate education.

Graduates who are sensitive to people, society and nature, understand the place and role of themselves and their profession in social and educational development, gain professional competence and ethical responsibility, perceive continuous development as a way of life, adopt scientific thinking and working style, consider public benefits, think creatively and critically, has adopted as an obligation to train the manpower needed by education at local and universal level.


okul oncesi

Primary/Elementary School Teaching Undergraduate Program

psikolojik danismanlik

Psychological Counseling and Guidance Program (PCG)