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The Faculty of Communication aims to train individuals who are capable of using the forms and means of communication, which form the basis of social life, effectively and correctly. Students are encouraged to become qualified communicators who are sensitive to the social, cultural and natural environment they live in and who follow local and global dynamics.

Based on an interdisciplinary education approach, the faculty offers students the opportunity to improve themselves in different areas of communication such as new media, visual design, radio, television, cinema, advertising and journalism. With a balanced distribution of theoretical and practical courses, it is aimed to raise graduates who have critical thinking skills and are able to master creative and up-to-date communication technologies.

With its competent and updated technological infrastructure, the radio, television, magazine and media agency of the Birinci Media Institution, the largest media organization in Northern Cyprus, offers rich practice opportunities for our students. The experience of the Birinci Media Institution, which has been operating since 1996 with two radio stations, four television channels, nearly two hundred billboard channels and one media agency, provides our students with a unique opportunity to develop themselves in different areas of communication.

In the faculty where Turkish education is given, English education is available in the Department of New Media.


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