Mission & Vision

Our Mission

Onbeş Kasım Cyprus University has adopted the mission of basic education-training-research on all kinds of cultural, political and economic outputs of African and Eurasian geography, taking into account the location of Cyprus at the meeting point of three continents, which are very few islands in the world. Being the global and intellectual meeting point of Mediterranean, Middle East, Caucasian, Eurasian and African countries is the first stage of this mission. Another priority target and stage is to become an academically ambitious center in the fields of "Communication and Media Studies", "Applied Nature Food and Cultural Tourism" and "Regional and Global Political, Economic and Commercial Studies".

In addition to contributing to the mission of the rise of Cyprus as a university country, another important mission is to walk in the field of Health Sciences in order to become a medical education, training and treatment center. It has also been determined as an important mission to play a leading role in supporting the progress of Cyprus in the production economy within the framework of Renewable Energy Research, Water and Agriculture. It will also have a central role in research and development activities within the framework of the problem of production, preservation and dissemination of knowledge, which has a vital role in raising national, regional and global standards in all these fields, and in the creation of pioneering and innovative initiatives that will increase the general welfare and happiness of societies. and raising responsible people is the most inclusive final mission of Onbeş Kasım Kıbrıs University.

Our Vision

The vision of Onbeş Kasım Kıbrıs University is to become a global institution that contributes to transforming the meeting point of three continents, which are the most vital regions in terms of history and culture of the earth, into an academic and cultural center, as a requirement of Cyprus' unique location, and to become an internationally branded institution within this framework. To be a prestigious education, training, research and development university in the fields of health and technical sciences, including social sciences.